Presentation of the Disini

Hotel, restaurant Disini

A place of quality

Located in Castries, near Montpellier, the Disini Luxury Hotel is your prime destination in Languedoc-Roussillon.

Situated on a hill, Castries has on the North a beautiful natural setting composed of vineyard and « garrigues ». In the South, the landscape consists of agricultural plain, the « Etang de l’Or » and the Mediterranean shore. Castries surprises with its exceptional architecture, an ensemble made up of the castle, the beautiful French garden and aqueduct.

The Disini Luxury Hotel provides a luxury and soothing surroundings in the heart of Languedoc land.

The place is very charming thanks to the refined decoration and the peacefulness. It’s an enchanted interlude, a real invitation to travel.

Every room is unique and offers you a space elegant, modern and spacious.

The gourmet restaurant and its famous chef, offer a gourmet and intuitive cuisine, with a refined and surprising carte.

To your comfort, the Disini provides you high-quality services : spa, swimming pool, jacuzzi, parking 1800m, free WiFi access, air conditioning, …

With prestigious quality labels, the Disini Luxury Hotel is a place combining comfort and high-quality services.